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Residential Program

As a residential, Christ-centered home for troubled teens, the spiritual, emotional, academic and physical needs of each teenager are met at House of Hope Piedmont.

1. Spiritual: Chapel is held every Tuesday morning, consisting of worship and praise followed by a teaching from God’s Word.  Daily devotions are part of the residents’ daily routine.  They participate as a group with their house staff as well as having their own private devotions.  In addition, the residents are required to memorize various scriptures.

2. Emotional:  Due to fractured family relationships, various hurts and traumatic experiences, many resident teens are unable to respond properly to authority and cannot relate constructively to parents and peers.  To deal with these issues, House of Hope offers pastoral prayer ministry to both teens and parents as part of the program.  This includes inner healing prayer, generational healing, deliverance, etc.

3. Academic:  Each resident attends the on-campus accredited school, Hope Academy, which features the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.  Residents are able to fill in educational gaps resulting from poor school attendance and lack of motivation.   Hope Academy offers a high school diploma, transferable credits and even junior college level courses.

4. Physical:  HOH residents participate in healthy physical activities on a regular basis.

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